Festivals, Snowdon & Iron. What a Summer!!!

Summer is here, which can mean only one thing… Festival time.

Check out our festival training video to help keep you stay fit, safe and awesome this year.


Marks Journey

Mark on top of Snowdon and receiving his bad arse award.

When Mark first came to Tri4fitness, we had trouble getting him going as his back was so tight he was having trouble moving.

Maybe you have been there before? back is locked up? it hurts when you bent down? it hurts when you stand up?

Unfortunately this isn’t an uncommon occurrence due to the nature of a lot of people’s jobs now, like Mark, requires a lot of sitting, meetings, driving, etc.

So when mark was medically passed to exercise, we had to start things with the basics. Literally from the floor up.

The main focus was mobility. We had to ensure he was moving himself in the best way possible, along with good form and posture.

Mark has been so focused and driven during this process to get him self fit and healthy again.

As we always preach, consistency is key and Mark has been just that. 1 to 2 training sessions every week as well as work at home to help him get to where he is now.

In only around 10 weeks we have mark lifting some good weights he’s moving like an actual human being again. Simple things like getting up off the floor is now a smooth process.

What does this mean for Mark?

  • -He can now move so much better.
  • -More importantly Pain free

These are just by products, the huge thing for Mark is his family life.

Mark and his awesome family are about to go on holiday. Now this is a “holiday body” with a difference. Not worried about a ripped 6 pack or muscles. He wants to (and will be able to) play with his kids in the pool, football, etc. Without the worry of his back hurting.


There isn’t much more that matters in this world to be honest.

Of course to top all this off Mark has recently completed a walk up to Mt. Snowdon, which at the start of this programme you would of thought he would of been able to do.

So, a massive well done Mark, it is a pleasure to train you and I look forward to seeing you progress even more.

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Lifting Iron??

We all know that the main source of Iron comes from meat with the highest source coming from liver – 17.9mg per 100g

But the best absorption of Iron comes from Green Leafy Veg!!

How much Iron a day?

Men 8.7mg Women (19-49) 14.8mg (50-64) 8.7mg