Team TRIBE at Rood Rampage

Team TRIBE taking on Rood Rampage

Last weekend team TRIBE took on the annual Rood Rampage in Trowbridge, Wiltshire. A team of 8 braved the 10km 30+ obstacle event. This is becoming a favourite event for team TRIBE now.

Team TRIBE after the race

I cannot promote these small events enough.

When people think of obstacle races, everyone thinks tough mudder. Now don’t get me wrong I have done and enjoyed tough mudder, but these events are usual so well run and a lot cheaper. Not to mention being a local event it took 10mins to get to my last tough mudder took 4hours.

Rood rampage was packed with all the classic obstacles as well, to test people of all abilities. They had monkey bars & rings, 10ft wall, tyre carries loads more and of course soooo much mud!

They do have a few unique obstacles as well one is 2 giant inflatable tyres in the middle of a extremely muddy bog and of course the floating platform obstacle, which are wooden platforms strung out from one side of the lake to the other. Here just run and don’t stop till you reach the otherside…. Or fall in the lake.

Now despite team TRIBE doing a few of these events now, we still all get the pre race jitters and excitement. After a quick race brief (basically don’t drink the water) and a warm up we were off.

During the course, it was so good to see everyone give every obstacle a good attempt, the improvements from everyone was clear as they were doing more obstacles than ever before and not only that finished the course quicker than any other course before

So why should you consider an obstacle race?

  1. They are massive personal achievements, a few of our team have gone so far out of their comfort zones and achieved so much because of it.
  2. Be part of a team, nothing beats completing these races together as a team
  3. It’s great fun, despite the hard work and effort that goes into preparing for it, on race day it is just a case of enjoying the moment and playing in the mud.
  4. The bling, who doesn’t like a shiny medal and new shirt.









So thinking of joining a race take a look online at the OCR world or get in touch and we can point out some local events.

Team TRIBE will next be taking part in Rocket Race, November 4th.
You can always join our amazing team. We always promise a great laugh and lots of mud.

Stronger together. Team TRIBE

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