SAS & Tough Mudder Training Blog 7

SAS & Tough Mudder Training Blog 7


It’s been a while since I wrote a blog about my training, mainly because things with training, work and family have been busy, so apologies for not keeping you all up to date.


This is the final week with the Intrepid Series being on Sunday. Most the information is still pretty hush hush. What we do know, it’s 8-mile obstacle race, beginning at 4am. The ex-SAS members who run it, have told us we will be colder than we have ever known and pushed further to our limits than ever before in the toughest race of the year.

There is a section of the race, where we start and finish, called the Pit. In this pit, they are going to push us to breaking point and try getting teams to quit by shouting “Stop! Stop! Stop!” or by ringing the bell.

So we know we will be put through a tough physical, similar to the training day we had in February, minus the sea this time, thank god. Here I think they will get teams to try and quit, mix things up and all round, tear us a new one.


Despite all this, I’m still nervously excited over it all. This is exactly what the last year and this year is all about for me, how far can I go, where is my breaking point. I feel I have a lot to prove to and find out about myself, so although this challenge sounds gruelling this is a personal achievement for me.



So, with the training, I find myself in a strange position this week as usually with all my past events I’ve had a great a week to reload, ready for the event ahead. This time it’s a little different as straight after this event I have 3 weeks till rocket race and then another 2 weeks till toughest mudder. This week I am balancing out the rest with the training, so Monday and Wednesday I will continue with my 2 a day training sessions, one cardio/strength and the other HiiT session. Tuesday and Thursday, I will concentrate on running alone, Tuesday distance and Thursday my shorter hill sprint, off road killers. Friday and Saturday morning, I will focus fully on mobility and core exercises to ensure my body feels rested and fit ready for Sunday morning.

Two weekends ago (19th March) team TRIBE completed battle of lansdown, this was a great event for the team with 8 of us completing the course a 10km route with, I think, 35 or 36 obstacles ranging from hay stacks to monkey bars to an AMAZING slip and slide.

The team done amazing and despite the not so nice weather conditions we all thoroughly enjoyed it and got through the course as a team.

The race turned out to be great training for my events as I could concentrate on my weaker parts, which was painfully clear during the event, that my grip strength needs more work. Luckily I don’t feel hanging from monkey bars and such will be used much for intrepid, but looking forward to toughest mudder there is a lot of pretending to be a monkey, so it gives me a good 5 weeks to do grip and pull up variations, such as towel pull ups, which if you haven’t tried them before are soooo much harder than a bar pull up.


Really looking forward to starting my run of events now, hopefully all the training has paid off, either way I know I am going to love it