Nutrition- Faddy Diets

There are plenty of quirky diets out there, all claiming to be the answer to your problems.  If just one of these remarkable diets did what it claimed and actually worked, there would be no need for any more.



The Hay Diet

Theory: Works around the process of food combining.  It claims that our body cannot digest carbohydrates and proteins at the same time so this should be avoided.

Fact: This is not possible as the body releases enzymes to break down and digest all food types and then whichever are required are utilised.

So why does the diet work?

On the diet you tend to eat a lot of carbohydrate rich foods.  These are bulky but not loaded with calories.  As soon as you go back to your old diet, the pounds will return.  It is a diet that has strong restrictions and rules and is impractical to keep to long term.


The Blood Group Diet

Theory:  Supported by a number of celebrities who have no sports or nutritional background.  The diet states that there are certain foods your body will react to in various ways according to your blood type.

Fact:  The blood is a transport system that takes nutrients around your body and has no bearing on the type of foods your body requires.

So why does it work?

The diet tends to limit portion sizes and minimises the amount of food you can and cannot eat.  If we are eating less then we are bound to lose weight eventually.  When returning to your normal eating plan, the weight will come back with you.


Slimming clubs

Theory: That a specific menu plan developed by the company will guarantee effective weight loss.

Fact: Not enough Kcals (energy) or macronutrients Tactics used are sometimes not psychologically beneficial e.g. Sin foods, dependence on scales 95% quit after the first 4 weeks.

So why does it work?

Often based on quite sound principles. Support and encouragement, encourage structure and adherence to the programme


Any reduction in calorie intake mixed with an increase in energy output will result in weight loss and reduced body fat.  Most diets have this effect because of impractical eating plans and restriction of certain food groups.  You could not follow one of these plans for life.


We know that the key to long term weight loss and ideal body fat percentage is lifestyle change.  Everyone could benefit from an increased intake of fresh fruit and vegetables, reducing our caffeine levels, eating less fast food and processed meals and increasing our water intake.


People want results fast and this is why faddy diets sell so well.  If a celebrity is on the book’s front cover stating they have lost 2 stone because of the diet, people believe they can do the same.  The diet may provide weight loss, but it is a quick fix.


Weight gain can happen over months, even years.  It will take the same timescale to lose the weight.  We all have to accept that it takes more effort and more time to lose weight, and more importantly lose it forever!


I have devised a great way to monitor your food intake and keep it easy to maintain.  Based around government guidelines and the ideal food pyramid I can analyse your food habits and over a course of four weeks improve your diet for life.



Andrew Collins