Dean’s Amazing challenge for 2017

At tri4fitness we practise what we preach and below is Dean’s first blog in start his personal 2017 challenges!!!

SAS & Tough Mudder Training Blog Week 1


So, this year I have decided to take my extreme to a new level and signed up for 2 seemingly brutal challenges.

1st one on April 2nd Intrepid Series, an SAS based 8-mile course and with the company keeping quite over what’s in store for us I generally have no idea what to expect, bar pain and punishment of course.


2nd event, on May 13th, is going to be a killer Europe’s toughest mudder. 8 hours overnight course 5 mile loops, probably including all the signature tough mudder activities, mud, water, team work, headbands and oh yeah, electric shock therapy.


Having done my few share of obstacle races, I kind of know what to expect in terms of what it usually takes out of my body, but I get the feeling that both these events are going to push me well beyond my limits, which is just the challenge I’m after.

So over these, hopefully, regular blogs I’m just going to give you updates on my training, nutrition and how I feel on build up to the races.

The big thing I realise is that my current training and habits are not, going to serve me well. My training since I done a few big events last year has been fairly comfortable, mostly working on upping strength and weights during my session. Not really done much in terms of conditioning and my running has been no existence since I completed my marathon last year. So with about 10 weeks till race 1, time to up my game.