SAS & Tough Mudder Training Blog 6

SAS & Tough Mudder Training Blog 6


Last week was a very tough week, the SAS training had certainly left it’s mark on me and my joints and muscles just felt beaten and tired which is to be expected!

So I had a bit of a deload week and worked mainly on bodyweight movements, I believe Wednesday was my first squat and my hips were still so tight I found it a very tough grinding session.

Still managed a few good sessions though, and now is perfect time to switch to my final stage of training.

With only just over 5 weeks left till the first event, my training needs to be a lot more based around what I will actually be doing.

Which I know the SAS have a horrible surprise up their sleeve it is essentially an obstacle race!!!!

The only info we have so far is it’s, 8 miles, 4.00am start and we begin in the pit!!!

A great new training session I have started doing has been out in a little village Great Cheverell which is near Erlstoke and whist me and my elder brother were out on a long walk we stumbled across this awesome park, with dip bars and pull up bars.

Banging out a few pull ups

Perfect for body weight training, also situated by pear tree lane, which is an awesome hill climb.

So the one workout I started at the weekend was:

A hill climb, 0.8 miles up with 250ft elevation, back down to the park.

Arms are dead so why not hit some dips

Giant set x2 of:

10 Pull Ups

12 Dips

12 Bar Rows

10 Hanging Leg Raise

So far, I am doing 3 rounds of this. And will Add an extra round each week.


As I know the SAS love their stress positions, I am also trying some of those to failure, just in case.

To ensure the gap between Intrepid and Toughest mudder isn’t to big I have entered the elite wave (first wave) in the Rocket Race, which we completed with TRIBE last year.

So I am looking for a top finish in this race as it’s measure on how many laps completed in the time allowed rather than race time.

Race events: Intrepid 2nd April, Rocket Race 22nd April & Toughest Mudder 13th May.

Maybe room for one more…..