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Pushing hard to the end at the at Longleat 10k

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Well, an absolute awesome weekend for me, the Longleat 10k crept up on me this year, I usually use it as my 1st race of the year and usually push my training from there, this year though, with my other events planned it kind of got pushed to the back of my mind.

So, my running training has been a little over looked, but have kept my training in the gym more regular than ever.

To be honest although I’ve always tried to balance the running and gym training, because I usually prefer to run my gym training has sometimes been up and down. I’ve always found it easier to just go for a run and not to worry about what session I am going to do.

This so far has been my biggest mindset shift in training, be it running or training at the gym I am pre-planning it, so it is helping me stay consistent with training. I now know what training I’ll be doing in what order, so if something comes up and I need to shift my days of training I can just move the entire plan.

Last year, at Longleat 10k, I finished just outside the elusive sub 45mins for a 10k, with 45.20.

This year I managed a 43.46. A massive PB on a tough, but enjoyable, 10k route. I must admit the last 2k I had to really dig deep to ensure I was on target and keep moving, but I felt good in the finishing straight with strong legs for a kick to the finishing line.

So it’s been an awesome reward that all my training over the winter has put me in very good condition right at the start of the year and has given me such a boost of confidence with my upcoming events.


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