How Kateland dropped 32lbs and now looks amazing without counting calories

Kateland Story

Kateland came to us a few years ago.

She had struggled with her weight since having children so decided to step into a gym.
She felt-

  • Constantly breathless
  • Lethargic
  • Frustrated, with previous diet attempts

Kateland had tried so many different diets:

  • Fibre Diet
  • Atkins Diet
  • Low-calorie diet e.g.Lighter Life

Not only did diets like this not seem to work, but she always ended up putting on more weight than when she started the diet.

Her diet was terrible eating too many over-processed foods, crisps, chocolate, cake and she didn’t feel good at all.

Truly Kateland was never happy with herself.

She would always wear baggy clothes to try and hide her “wobbly bits” and she would never ever think about wearing a bikini on holiday.

Before I carry on the story – does any of this sound familiar?

Have you tried everything with no reward for all your hard work?

Does all conventional advice leave you miserable, hungry, frustrated and exhausted, but still no lighter.

If so I urge you to read on.

Kateland is a strong woman, who runs a family and a business.
Although reaching out to a trainer can be very daunting, you expect guys like us to be all authoritarian and
sadistic love for pain!

Our style is an encouraging and motivational approach which lead to Kateland feeling assured she would get the desired results.

Kateland explained her struggles to me, and they sounded so familiar.

It seemed she had tried everything and nothing worked.

With over twenty years experience of achieving results for our clients, we can make a difference!

We do not endorse extreme diets and supplementation e.g. Slim fast as they can only lead to hunger, misery and you often end up even heavier.

*Weight loss will vary due to your individual circumstances and how much weight you have to lose